The Mother of all languages

Dear Aspiring Writers.
Photography is the new language, read and written by all people, regardless of their spoken language or their literacy level. So its not even like Mandarin or French or Tamil or English, its all of them put together, and more. Imagine the power of such a language. imagine its reach both for the reader as well as the writer.The places it can take you to, the stories it can tell, the feelings that have no vocabulary.
I wonder then who the writers of the future will be, what the new novel will be. Its an exciting time when a new language emerges, who will its scholars be? Who will its teachers be?
I used to suggest the importance of studying literature to photographers and I still do,very much, but I think its time for writers to look to photography as more than  an illustration of their words. To study this new language.So they are not the “illiterates of the future”(WB).So they learn to write with this language as well.
Photography, at its best, speaks where words cannot go. Imagine the literature this could produce. And imagine when Photography has the finest minds, writing with it. What a form that will be.
I wish Sebald was still alive, though he had understood this first of all, and Austerlitz remains my favourite photo book.
The Mother of all languages

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