LIGHT- Photography after all is drawing with light. So you must learn to read light, see where it falls, what shadows it creates, how it changes, what it says……..So first of all, before lifting your camera even watch the light falling on that which you are drawn to photograph. Move yourself around the ‘subject’ to see if you might get better light. Moving not just left to right but up and down as well. Almost a dance around the ‘object’.Perhaps there is the possibility for a Photography course to have a movement component to it. 

BACKGROUND- then look at what is in the background, does it enhance your image or take away. Again move around to see if you can find the most appropriate backdrop, the least distracting. Same dance as for the light. Boys you need to get on your knees occasionally.

CORNERS- then look to the edges of the frame and see what is in the corners. Do you want it, does it add something, can you move in or away to make the edges more defined? Personally, I think the image is about what is left out of the frame. The parts that do remain in the frame, do they become something more than what they are? Or is it just a record. In my book thats not enough. I want something more. I dont want to be a photo copy Photographer.


Thats it. LBC. But this is just making photographs, this does not make you the Author of the work… it’s just being an image maker, or lets say a scanner of whats infront of you.

Submitted by dayanita on Sat, 07/25/2015 – 10:53


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