Dear Aspiring Photographers,

My third advice to you is to GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. This is something I learned from Photojournalism, having to go into worlds that I otherwise may not have ventured into, and being open to all that CHANCE brings.

For example, I went to photograph Rahul Bajaj on a Fortune magazine assignment of Business Family portraits. He was shocked at the “little lady” Fortune had sent to photograph him. Anyway, the grandchildren were not back from school and he asked me to go visit his factory. I said Mr Bajaj, “I am a Family portrait photographer, I am not here to look at Factories,” and then I thought, why not, if he is asking me to. I went into the dispatch hall and my jaw dropped open. Over 10,000 scooters were in one hall waiting to go.

And there and then started my Factories obsession, which turned into Blue Book, in another “CHANCE”. Standing above a very high factory tower in a harness, I ran out of film, the sun had set, I had some color film in my bag, I thought I would shoot in color and print in BW. My contact sheets came back all BLUE. I realised I had finally found my own small way with color, and went on to make BLUEBOOK, which then moved into DREAMVILLA.

P.S.- I mean get out of your comfort zone physically, but also in your head, and that brings me back to Literature, to reading, to Cinema…

Submitted by dayanita on Fri, 07/31/2015 – 11:55


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