Editing Sequencing and FORM

Dear Photographers, making ‘good’ photographs is just not enough, there are thousands made each day,  I think as ‘ working photographers’ one has to learn to edit ones own work and the sequencing and then finding the suitable form for that suite of images. Often the form presents itself, in that process of editing and sequencing. But its a long tedious process. And its a solitary work. The more people you ask for advice, at this crucial juncture, the more mediocre your work will become.
A designer cannot do this for you, and when they do its ‘their ‘ work , not yours. You collect beautiful words, from years of work, you take them to an editor or designer, they make a poem out of it, whose work is it then?.
Just like at what stage to go to the gallery, it might be important to consider, at what stage you go to the designer.They will help you articulate your vision, but you must not expect them to create that vision for you. Its yours to make.
I think this idea of handing your images to someone else, comes from years of photo journalism , where the photo editor would choose the images, the sequence and the size. So this handover is ok/the norm in photo journalism, but not in making books and other forms that are waiting to be found, by you.

I learned my editing from great writers, but I think I would learn even more if I worked with a great film editor. There are many ways to address editing and they are not necessarily from within the realm of photography.

I am trying to work towards the Mass produced Artists book,not a Photo book, nor an Artists (unique) book.  Where the book is not a reproduction of the images in an exhibition or a series, but the book is the exhibition itself. The book is the form.

I am sure there are hundreds of forms waiting to be discovered, if only you take the editing sequencing, ‘forming’ in your own hands/

Editing Sequencing and FORM

One thought on “Editing Sequencing and FORM

  1. bsagarneel says:

    Your work is an inspiration but ever since I started reading your blogs, I got to know what makes the difference. It is the narration, how to unfold a work can not be taught. Probably that’s why no writer conduct workshop on writing. I think it is more important to read, get ideas from others work but one should trust his reflex over everything.


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