photographers as photo archivists

Museum Bhavan studio

Dear Aspiring Photographers
I think a new job oppurtunity has emerged in these FB discussions about how to earn a living with photography in a time when everyone is taking their own photographs.
I wonder if some of you might consider  offering  an archiving service to people who are making lots of photos with their phones, but are too busy to actually back them up and organise them in folders.  Especially young iphone parents photographing their newly born children. I wonder about the future of these images stored on passing phones or clouds even.
Whole archives/histories risk disappearing, each time a phone is lost or crashes, if they are not backed up continuously.That memory garden needs constant tending.
And the same service is required for people who are not as technologically savvy, but are still photographing on their phones and ipads.My mother for instance, probably yours too.
You might even offer to make prints from time to time, archival prints ofcourse.
Personally I think this is a great way of keeping memories technology proof.Make a few prints each month.
Iphone Parents might even hire you as a monthly ‘memory’ retainer, which would be best scenario. And give you all the time to pursue your own photography and find your own voice in this new language,
photographers as photo archivists

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