Dear Aspiring Photographers – jobs -I

Dear Aspiring Photographers,

My first advice to you is, please get a job.

Yes, photography is magical and addictive and a language of its own, thats why we all get hooked. When one cannot find the words, there is always a photograph. But it’s challenging times ahead for Photography as a career. Photojournalism (as in paying photographers to go out and get the story) is, unfortunately, no longer the need of the hour. I am not even sure what it will mean to say one is a Photographer, some years from now.

But if you had another job (another source of income), then you could really push the limits of what photography can do: use it as raw material, as a tool, challenge it as a medium and its brief history. And, most importantly, find new forms for it. In a way Photography is just starting, it is finally democratised, and many new forms/structures will emerge.

That in my very subjective opinion on what Photography as a career is now. A question many of you seem to be asking me.


Post Script:

*please remember this is my very subjective opinion, to all those who are desperate to make careers as photographers, at huge costs to themselves and their families, when that very notion is changing completely

*the idea of the photographer as we thought of it until now is going to change, photography will be used in very different ways, by a range of people. It is becoming the universal language, it set out to be.

*Photography as Passion will always be there, the image was our first language,and even more so now than ever before. Photography as a Profession needs some hard thinking. New Professions using Photography perhaps?

Submitted by dayanita on Sat, 07/11/2015 – 20:23

Dear Aspiring Photographers – jobs -I

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